Did We Just See the BlackBerry PlayBook Fire Sale?

Ryan Whitwam

As Black Friday approached, several retailers including Best Buy lowered the price of the much-maligned BlackBerry Playbook. After selling an undisclosed number of the device, Best buy has taken to cancelling orders. By some accounts, all outstanding online orders have been cancelled, and the device is no longer listed on the Best Buy site. Did we just see the PlayBook fire-sale?

Best Buy usually keeps products on the website if they are just temporarily sold out, which leads many to believe that the PlayBook is not going to be restocked. The price drop was supposed to be part of RIM promotion running all the way through December, but customers can’t even snag rain checks for the tablet.

The PlayBook had a rough launch with many die-hard BlackBerry devotees lamenting the lack of native email. RIM has dropped the official price to $300, with $200 being common for promotions. With the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire on the market, can RIM even give this thing away anymore?

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