Diaspora Set To Release Open Source Code on September 15th

Maximum PC Staff

Diaspora hasn’t gotten a lot of press since they wrapped up their rather creative attempt at fundraising , but the founders want you to know that not only have they been busy, but that they will have code ready for public consumption by September 15th. The ambitious anti-Facebook project was a concept pitched by a group of New York University programming students who aim to provide a service similar to Facebook, but with much tighter user controls around privacy.

A recent blog posting by the four students involved in the project still hasn’t really told us what to expect just yet, but if we have to guess it will probably still be several months before we see anything that gets non-programmers excited. If a Facebook alternative is high on your radar you might want to mark off September 15th on your calendar, otherwise it’s hard to imagine this project being anything more than a pipedream in the long run.

I still have my hopes firmly pegged on Google Me .

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