Diamond Multimedia Launches Low Profile Xtreme Sound 7.1 Audio Card



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Which chip/codec does the card utilize?



Normally I'd jump on the sound card driver issues bandwagon, considering my recent experiences with the "HT OMEGA eCLARO 7.1" & their driver problems (instability). At least they had very nice tech support people that didn't hesitate to try & help.

But after purchasing the "Creative Sound Blaster ZXR" back in April (tech buddies assured me it was actually good), I've had NO software problems, like bloat & instability, which was the main reason I stopped buying SB audio cards a LONG time ago.

As for this low profile card, reviews pending, might be something to consider for a Home Theatre build. :)



So they've finally released a low-profile version of the sound card I've been using for several years. In comparison to the Creative SB X-Fi sound card I have also used sometimes, this card actually doesn't cause Guild Wars 2 to crash as much which is why I'm still using it. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to connect my front panel audio connector to it since I finally got a headset to use. I think when I bought this card years ago, it was only like $40 which at the time was a great deal. If anything, Diamond can make good sound cards, but their video cards suck.



Big difference in sound with a good add in sound card, assuming you have decent speakers. BIG DIFFERENCE!
I have been using ASUS Xonar cards since Creative screwed up the drivers and tried to blame Windows Vista.



no point in sound cards, for 120$ got a 5.1 receiver which recieves anologue 5.1 or optical (no hdmi sadly) and only need a cheap card (the above card would work fine, I use the cheap creative usb) as a switch- optical for 2 channel and anologue for gaming. total setup not including computer or speakers is 160- 40$ for the shitblaster usb card and 120 for the used reciever



The hardware specs seem okay, for the money. But how are their drivers? Software is the usual downfall of sound cards...


The Mac

it certianly is for Creative...


their drivers fuck everything up...



thankyou. gaming or media in surround sound is the only way I roll. No headphones for me thanks because I want to hear the MAXIMUM Best of the Best sound and do not like being tied down to them.


The Mac

diito, i could NEVER be tied down to cans.

If my neighbors dont complain, im doing something wrong.



I really like the price point. I'll take a look at the reviews. Too many sound cards cost over $100. I'm currently using the MB onboard audio or USB audio through my logitech keyboard (very handy), but I've heard great things about discrete audio. The price has been the only thing keeping me from breaking down and buying discrete.