Diablo III Beta Open To Barbarians (And Everyone Else) This Weekend

Brad Chacos

Attention would-be witch doctors and wizards: it's time to reschedule whatever you had planned for the weekend. Homework, quality time with your significant other and bleaching your grandma's teeth all take a backseat to your new to-list entry -- blasting demons and devils in Diablo III. Last night, Blizzard announced that the game would be free for all this weekend as part of a stress-testing open beta. Actually, you can start swinging your swords any minute now.

Anybody with a Battle.net login can start downloading the Diablo III client now and hop into the action at noon Pacific time this afternoon. Keep downing those 5 hour energy drinks and immolating fools throughout the weekend, though, as the beta shuts its doors at 10 A.M. Pacific time on Monday. ( Just don't expect to get your PvP on .)

Beta testers can play any and all of the five classes during the beta. Leveling is capped at level 13 for each, however. Gamers have been griping about some of the major changes made to Diablo III; now's your chance to see whether or not the game is awesome enough to wash away complaints about its always-connected single player mode and the new item marketplace .

The full game is still slated to drop on May 15.

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