Diablo III Being Sold As "Big Pineapple 3" In China To Bypass Sales Ban

Brad Chacos

Getting your hands on a hot new PC game isn't as simple in China as it is in the United States. The Chinese Ministry of Culture needs to clear a title before it becomes available in stores, a process that's been known to take months, or even years. As a result, impatient Chinese gamers looking to engage in demonic hack n' slashing have resorted to pineapples, phonics and search trickery to get their hands on the much-coveted game.

Since Diablo III has yet to be approved, PC World and Kotaku are reporting that searches for the translated Diablo III name turns up fruitless on the eBay-like Taobao. Enterprising online retailers, however, are selling the game under the name "Big Pineapple 3" -- because "Big Pineapple" in Chinese is "dà bōluó". See what they did there? The listings for the game even include pics of a pineapple, in case verbal punnery isn't your strong point.

Of course, since this is being fairly widely reported, the creative backdoor probably won't stay propped open for long. But the people who did manage to snag a copy are in for some good news; yesterday, Blizzard outlined some massive Diablo III patches coming down the pipeline. PC Gamer has a great summary of the scheduled changes .

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