Diablo 2 Steam-like Functionality Unveiled!


Prepare thy frozen orbs.  Blizzard unveiled one additional feature at this year's Worldwide Invitational to absolutely no fanfare whatsoever.  The company of the hour has now updated its direct-download service to include both Diablo II and Diablo II: Lord of Destruction .  Simply head on over to the Blizzard store, search your closet for the old CD box, and input the accompanying key.  You'll unlock the ability to download both Windows and Mac versions of the game as many times as you desire.  And the store itself now keeps track of your CD key.

This could be considered the most minor of test runs for the "improved Battle.net functionality" Blizzard's teased for the far-off release of Diablo III.  Although the cornerstones are already in place: combine Blizzard's BitTorrent-based distribution with a full-fledged, Steam-like client for its games, throw in some additional features like online character saving, guild support, and achievements, and Blizzard's rumored, monthly fee-laden Battle.net upgrade could actually turn into an awesome new service.  Regardless, I'm confident that the Prince of Destruction won't be the only talk of the town come years from now, when Diablo III hits both store shelves and its new Battle.net client.

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