DHS Warns Financial Sector Against Future Anonymous Attacks

Brad Chacos

While the UK’s busy nabbing alleged Anonymous members who like to pretend that they’re teenage girls , the Department of Homeland Security’s worried about their angry at-large cohorts over on the US side of the pond. In fact, DHS National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center is pretty concerned about the threat of an Anonymous attack against the financial industry. Today, the NCCIC issued a security bulletin warning financial institutions that Anon is trying to "solicit ideologically dissatisfied, sympathetic employees" over to the dark side.

Anonymous’ Twitter account has been trying to lure financial sector employees into divulging sensitive information, Computerworld reports . Although nothing juicy has turned up as a result of the propaganda campaign – at least that we know of – the NCCIC warns that Anon could turn towards more nefarious means to try and convince financial employees into cooperation. Something like nude pics, perhaps?

The bulletin goes on to describe some of the tools that could theoretically be at Anon’s disposal, such as Apache Killer and #RefRef, which can allegedly make a server DDoS itself. "Anonymous has stated publicly that the tool will be ready for wider use by the group in September 2011," the DHS says. The bulletin warns that attacks could occur on September 17th as part of Anonymous' "Occupy Wall Street" operation, which coincides with Adbusters' "Day of Rage" protest in financial centers across the world.

So, DHS: fearmonger over rumors much?

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