DFI: We're Here to Stay


When it comes to hardcore overclocking, we can remember a time when it used to be DFI, and then everyone else. Those days seem like a distant memory now, and as of late, rumors have begun popping up writing the motherboard maker's obituary. Just stop it, says DFI, who insists it's here to stay .

According to Fudzilla, who had a chat with DFI, the mobo maker is still getting caught off guard by the recent rumors, even though this isn't the first time such rumors have surfaced. The speculation is so far out there, says DFI, that the notion of closing shop has never even been brought up within the company.

DFI contends it's currently focused on new products and BIOS updates, including bringing support for Intel's upcoming 6-core Gulftown chips on its X58-based motherboards. DFI is also busy promoting its Hybrid P45/Nvidia Ion mobo, as well as more motherboards in its Lanparty MI (Mini ITX) series.

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