Devoted Apple Fan Sings Praise for Windows Phone 7

Paul Lilly

What would you do if we told you old Stevie-boy was so enamored with Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform that he decided to show up at the launch event to show his support? You'd call us liars, that's what. Yet that's exactly what happened.

Granted, we're not talking about Steve Jobs, but Stephen Fry, a noted English actor, writer, journalist, and Apple fanboy, among other things.

"No I'm not being paid to be here," Fry told the audience at the event . "My name has been associated for some time with Apple. I made no secret of my dislike of Microsoft over the years. I never thought the day would come when I would stand on a stage and praise Microsoft for doing things they can be proud of."

Fry said the real test will come when decides whether or not to transfer his SIM card from his iPhone to the Windows Phone 7 device, adding "I think I probably will, at least for awhile."

So there you have it. One Apple user down, scores to go.

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