Developers Flock to AMD's Fusion APUs

Paul Lilly

Taking a cue from Field of Dreams, AMD had a notion that if it built Fusion APUs (Accelerated Processing Units), developers would come. So AMD did go out and build Fusion APUs, and developers have started showing up. According to AMD, Fusion is seeing growing support from the PC software community with more than 50 mainstream applications currently accelerated by its new APUs.

"The huge number of applications that are ideally suited to benefit from the performance and stunning graphics offered by AMD Fusion processors is testament to our close collaboration with leading software developers," said John Taylor , director of Client Product and Software Marketing, AMD. "We anticipate doubling the number of applications in the next few months as we approach the launch of the A-Series 'Llano' APU, the next member of the AMD Fusion family that is designed to enable more than 500 GFLOPs of parallel processing power in mainstream notebooks and desktops."

Fusion has so far seen support from companies like Adobe, ArcSoft, Capcom, Codemasters, Corel, Crytek, CyberLink, Earthsim, Electronics Arts, Firaxis, Microsoft, Nero, Sega, THQ, and Turbine. Going forward, AMD sees that list growing exponentially.

AMD's Fusion APUs fuse the CPU and GPU into a single package, offering significantly better graphics performance than traditional motherboard-based integrated graphics. Currently shipping Fusion APUs include the AMD C-Series, E-Series, and embedded G-Series processors.

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