Developer Learns What People Type into the Address Bar

Ryan Whitwam

Developer Christopher Finke has a nice bit of data to show off today. He makes a browser add-on called URL Fixer that automatically corrects common typing errors, and recently added an opt-in setting for anonymous data collection. The resulting data shows us just what people are typing into that address bar . Turns out, this Facebook thing might make it after all.

The top domain, by a wide margin was with 9% of all domains typed. The next closest was, but most people have Google search bars and don’t need to visit the Google homepage. 63% of all top-level domains were ‘.com’, followed by ‘.org’, ‘.de’, and ‘.net’ all at 4%. Neither Google nor Facebook were tops in several locations including Russia, Finland, China, and Korea.

The data also indicates that 49.5% of domains are still being typed with ‘www.’ in front, even though that is not required for most sites. Think of all those wasted keystrokes. Check out the source for the rest of the charts.

Image via Christopher Finke

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