Determined Developer Resurrects Windows XP with Unofficial Service Pack 4



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I went to Linux 100% about 3 years ago. I found either native Linux applications or used wine for all Windows applications I had used.

I calculated how much it would cost to upgrade XP to newer Windows, and it came down to about $1200. That sealed my decision to go to Linux.

Besides, if I wanted to watch Netflix or play video games, I would buy a blu-ray player with Internet App or a game box like SteamBox, and just stick them all to my combo HDTV/monitor with several HDMI inputs.

It's all componentized, just like my hifi audio system. I wouldn't listen to classical music while watching an action movie, the way I wouldn't play fast-paced RTS games while doing my tax accounting. Of course I can always play moderately casual games while doing heavy computing and listening to music through Linux.

You need to think out of the "one single PC" box.



We don't get Netflix where I live, so it's rather moot.

My reason for moving to Linux, is because we are both retired and on a fixed income. Anything that saves us money is welcome, and Linux does that for us. We don't need to buy new hardware, and the OS desn't cost us anything (unless we want to make a donation to the developers).

However you might find this interesting... How To Watch Netflix on Ubuntu The Easy Way



I'm now using Ubuntu and my partner is using Linux Mint and we didn't have to buy any new computers.



If Microsoft wants me to upgrade all my XP boxes to Windows 7 or 8.1 they can provide me with a free copy along with updated drivers for all my XP-only peripherals (or, failing that, free replacements for said peripherals).

Short of that, sorry MS, I'm keeping XP.




Could be a huge in China!

I still have a XP box running! No problems so far!

Still receiving updates for malware (monthly) and Silverlight on my XP box!

M$ is still semi supporting it.

Face it 25% (or more) of it's base still use it!!!!


Bullwinkle J Moose

China won't touch it

They avoid the backdoors by using XP without the activation backdoors, SP3 backdoors, Security Essentials backdoors, Net Framework backdoors, Silverlight, Explorer or Media player vulnerabilities and backdoors and any other Microsoft Vulnerabilities, malware and backdoors

It's the security vulnerabilities associated with registered copies of Windows that prevent them from using even "free" trial copies of Windows 7 and 8 and the reason Chinese Military Hackers will never give up their copies of XP that do not have the activation malware

Simply calling them thieves and criminals does not address the real problem with registered copies of Windows

Even FREE copies of Windows 9 won't change their minds

It's the malware and security vulnerabilities in so-called "Legal" copies of Windows that created a demand for clean, virus free copies of XP without the spyware and backdoors

Claiming that ALL so-called "Illegal" copies of XP contain Malware and viruses is the most retarded claim I've ever heard to get the sheep to pay for so-called "Legal" copies that actually do contain malware, spyware and backdoors



Somehow I imagine you wearing a tin-foil hat in a faraday-caged room! There are no doubt links between NSA and Microsoft, but your language and word use confuses me.

Why would an un-activated copy of Windows XP, that I presume is un-updatable, and therefore has all the original security flaws from the original XP be a good thing? Surely that being the case, China would move to an ultra secure Linux/BSD platform instead?

Sorry Rebel_X. I pulled that thread! :)

EDIT: Me talking about word usage and my post reads like waffle!

What I'm trying to ask is: why would this 'spyware/malware' be an afterthought? Surely they would have bundled a lot of it into the original version of XP activated or not?


Bullwinkle J Moose

"Why would an un-activated copy of Windows XP, that I presume is un-updatable, and therefore has all the original security flaws from the original XP be a good thing?"

A copy with no back doors can be locked down with a good firewall, a good antivirus and even made read only with a program like driveshield which would remove any malware with a simple reboot

But you cannot close the backdoors on a so-called "Legal" registered copy of Windows because they are an integral part of the O.S., meaning that with a so-called "Legal" copy, you must fix all the regular security vulnerabilities but you are still vulnerable to Government intrusions regardless because of the backdoors

Microsoft tried several methods to kill secure copies of XP by adding backdoors to several of their products like security essentials and SP3

Security essentials backdoors your firewall and updates just fine even when it is blocked in the firewall from sending or receiving any data

This is indeed a backdoor as there is no warning given to you by the firewall

It's pretty easy to secure a copy of XP that does not contain backdoors but impossible when the doors cannot be closed by the end user



Again, how can you know MS would release a secure copy of XP with no back-doors? It makes no sense to me. When you program by design, the back-doors would have been planned from the outset.

Can you provide me links to evidence? I'm not talking about conspiracy theory nut-job websites, but actual ex-Microsoft employees talking about this stuff. I need good evidence. Hearsay is nothing.


Bullwinkle J Moose

You will have a long wait to get evidence from a bunch of liars under Govt orders not to discuss this topic

The fact is, I have sought out malware sites for years on a secure XP box with only SP2 and no MS Critical updates for my own research

Ever wonder how Cryptolocker and the new Cryptowall could infect so many new "secure" ahem "Legit" Windows boxes when anyone could avoid it with a non-backdoored XP box with nothing more than Driveshield?

Of course you haven't
But that's not your fault because you might have a hard time finding a non-backdoored copy of XP-SP1 that you can update to SP2 here in the US
I got mine from Michael Au-Yeung's 8 in 1 XP CD

Best Buy's Freak Squad accidentally left a copy of Michael Au-Yeung's 8 in 1 XP CD in my DVD drive the last time they ever ripped ME off when I complained that the installed copy of Windows did not match the Windows number of the side of the case so that I could not reinstall Windows

So, after selling me a computer with XP that could not be reinstalled, they refused to fix the problem and refused to return my computer untill I paid the extortion fee for them to not do ANYTHING except verify that the numbers did not match using their "Non-Microsoft Certified" illicit 8 in 1 CD

Microsoft refused to give me a copy of XP that could be reinstalled and Best Buy also refused to give me a copy that could be reinstalled even though I paid for a "Legit" copy with the computer

At least NOW I have a reinstallable copy of XP that I actually paid for

I know it's secure because I did my own research and it came without the activation malware (backdoor)

I am using it right now with SP2 and no critical updates

I will gladly test any website you can direct me to try infecting this box!

But you will fail because instead of doing your own research, you choose to believe Microsoft, the same people who Never secure their newest O.S. because they would not be able to keep you on the update treadmill if they did....

........and the Govt would be pissed if they closed the backdoors

EVIDENCE is what you can prove on your own, not something that liars tell you to sell their latest Spyware Platform and are under Gov't orders to not discuss in public

Ask Snowden



"EVIDENCE is what you can prove on your own"

That's not evidence. I have to dismiss what you say as nonsense - but at least I understand more of what you are talking about. Thanks for taking the time to explain.


Bullwinkle J Moose

It beats the "evidence" Microsoft dictates to you without any proof

They advertise security as "It is more secure because we say so"

I have the evidence I need to prove backdoors only to myself

To prove it to anyone else is impossible

You must get your own evidence to see why it matters

Snowden knows why

When a so-called "Illicit" copy of XP is more secure than a registered copy, it's getting pretty bad out there



Does that include the hot fix was released yesterday? for all Microsoft Windows versions "Kernel-Mode driver" regarding fonts security issue which permits elevated user permissions. Strangely enough it was released not with patch Tuesday.



Hmmm... I'll have to do some internal trial testing on this 'Service Pack 4' before deploying it out in the field.



I've recently opened my cave doors to OpenBSD on my test machine. I really dig it with OpenBox and I think eventually that is where I will migrate to. I still may have to do things within windows - but I want to keep it to a minimum!



How is it? I really wanted to try it, but I haven't had the time.



I really like it. So far on my Dell E6410 I've had no hardware issues at all and it seems lightning quick.

Time will tell, but I think this may be the OS I have been looking for.


Bullwinkle J Moose

After updating Windows 8.1 to Update 1 + all the current critical updates as well as the latest antivirus + malwarebytes anti-exploit + no-script in firefox, I found spyware uploading screenshots before I even began to surf the net

Thanks for preventing end users from closing the back doors in Spyware Platforms 7 and 8 Microdicks

Hacked SP4 updates do no good for registered copies of XP that have backdoors created with Microdicks activation bullshit and SP3 malware!

and thats a fact!

End users cannot fix what Microdicks broke




What spyware did you find? What was the process ID and how was it acting exactly?



Oh please don't start that discussion again!