Details Of Ivy Bridge Overclocking Attempts Hit The 'Net

Brad Chacos

With the rumored release of Ivy Bridge just around the corner, we're finally starting to see some early benchmarks roll in from the lucky few who have managed to lay hands on Intel's new CPU a bit early. Yesterday, we highlighted a review of an Ivy Bridge-rocking HP EliteBook , prompting several commenters to say "Desktop overclocking numbers or GTFO." Fortunately, some of those very benchmarks have popped up on the Web in the past 24 hours. (That's good, because we didn't feel like going anywhere.)

The first tidbit comes our way via TechPowerUp , who noticed a nitrogen-cooled overclocking attempt by Chinese overclocker x-powerx800pro on the similarly Chinese Expreview website . The test bed included a Core i7-3770K, 4 GB of overclocked G.Skill RAM, and a Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H mobo. So how did it hold up? X-powerx800pro achieved a 6584.9MHz core clock thanks to a 104.52MHz bus speed with a 63x multiplier at 1.056V. ( That's been CPU-Z verified, too .) A slightly different 6511.97MHz configuration blasted through the SuperPi 1M benchmark in 5.585 seconds, according to posted screenshots.

That's not quite the 8-plus GHz put out by record-setting AMD Bulldozer setups , but it ain't too shabby, either. Not many everyday users rock LN2 setups, though.

That's why the Ivy Bridge news over at Nordic Hardware is somewhat troubling, if it's true. The site reports that an overclocker using traditional air-cooling has been running into thermal issues around the 4.6 GHz mark, causing the proc to throttle back. According to the site, the chip tops 90 degree temps around that point, even when using "expensive after-market cooling."

Nordic Hardware doesn't name names, post screenshots or identify the setup being used, however, and it's always a good idea to take leaked pre-launch benchmark info with a decently sized punch of salt -- especially if it's not validated.

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