Details Emerge on Nvidia's GeForce GTX 650 Ti, Could Launch Next Month

Paul Lilly

If you fancy yourself an Nvidia fan, you might be feeling left out of the online water cooler chatter and wondering what the flip is going on with all the recent AMD graphics card leaks, including the mid-range 8870 and 8850 parts, and high-end 8970 . Lest anyone think we're playing favorites, we're just the messenger (so don't shoot!), and you'll be happy to know that we have some info on Nvidia's upcoming GeForce GTX 650 Ti hardware.

We've rounded up the rumored info that's floating around the Web, and here's the gist of it. The GTX 650 Ti is being built around Nvidia's GK106 GPU, which is a 28nm slice of silicon that, in this instance, has an entire Graphics Processing Core (GPC) disabled, effectively reducing the CUDA core count to 576 (down from 970 on the GTX 660).

The TMU (Texture Mapping Unit) count is reduced to 48 (from 80), and ROPs will be the same as the GTX 660 (24). There's some conflicting information about the size of the memory bus. Some sites are reporting 192-bit, while others are saying it will be 128-bit. Finally, look for the GPU to run at 960MHz (base, with no boost) and the memory at 1,350MHz (5,400MHz effective).

Based on what we've read, the GTX 650 Ti is (unofficially) scheduled to launch on October 9 and expect to retail for around $169 to $189, a price that pits it against AMD's Radeon HD 7850.

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