Desktop Replacement Laptops Have Never Been More Affordable

Paul Lilly

Without question, Ultrabooks are the sexiest, trendiest laptops on the market right now, and with good reason. They're thin and light like a MacBook Air and every bit as good looking (and in some cases, they're thinner, lighter, and better looking than their iOS competitors), fast, and highly portable with long-lasting battery life. All of these things are attractive in a notebook, but if you could afford a desktop replacement laptop, would you still shop an Ultrabook? That's a question consumers will have to answer.

According to , paying a premium for a decked out 17-inch laptop is something notebook shoppers used to do, but not anymore. Prices have dropped so much, in fact, that DealNews claims the new average price point for scoring a deal on a "souped up" 17-inch laptop is $550.

"And we're not talking budget laptops here," DealNews explains. "Desktop replacement laptops are high-end systems with a quad-core Core i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a minimum 750GB hard drive. So while Apple may be toying with the idea of terminating its desktop replacement, we're here to tell you that desktop replacements are where you'll find the best laptop deals today."

According to DealNews, prices for desktop replacement-class systems typically climb after all the Black Friday sales come and go, but "after last November, deals on these premium laptops have not rebounded; instead they remained at Black Friday lows." It's a buyer's market, and if you're paying more than $800, you're paying too much, DealNews says.

We don't necessarily agree with that last statement, at least when talking about the more hardcore desktop replacement laptops with more powerful graphics options than what you'll find on a typical 17-inch notebook. But the point is well taken that if you're spending a fortune on a 17-inch system, you probably could have done better by shopping around, especially if you don't need an ultra high-end GPU.

Image Credit: Hewlett-Packard

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