Demand for Linux Skills on the Rise, Along With Wages

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Young enthusiasts who are looking for a future in IT might well decide to specialize on Microsoft, but before you do here is an interesting point to consider. Linux developers and system administrators will be the ones making the big money, at least if current trends continue. According to a recent survey conducted by the Linux Foundation , developers and system administrators saw pay increases of 5% last year, and bonuses averaging around 15%.

In a recent interview with Alice Hill , managing director of, it was reported that currently the site is advertising over 11,000 jobs that require Linux experience, an increase of 17% from last year. "It's really hard to find talent in a market that is competitive, and that leads to poaching and new ways to attract talent," Hill said. The average salary for a Linux professional last year was around $86,432, up from $82,575 just one year prior.

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