Delta Rolling Out in-Air Wi-Fi on Some Flights

Maximum PC Staff

Starting today, any clientele of Delta Airlines that choose to fly between New York, Boston and Washington D.C. will be treated to the option of in-flight Internet.

The sky-fi (see what I did there?) will run those on flights under three hours $9.95 for the entirety of the flight. Any flights that go over three hours will cost you an additional three buckaroos, bringing the grand total to $12.95.

It’s expected that the feature will be available in all flights (including on Delta’s merger partner, Northwest Airlines) on May 31, 2009. The technology is slated to be brought on board by IBM, HP, Dell and newcomer Super Micro.

Thankfully, this should provide a nice alternative to watching V for Vandetta three times in a row (it loses its edge after the first time) because the rest of the movies are terrible choices. Now, you can just browse your favorite sites, like Maximum PC!

Image Credit: eWeek (mostly)

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