Delta Gives Out Windows Phone 8 Handsets to 19,000 Flight Attendants

Paul Lilly

Well, that's one way to bolster Windows Phone 8 market share

Traveling around the country and enjoying free flights aren't the only perks of working for Delta Air Lines. In an effort to "push for technological innovation," Delta today equipped 19,000 flight attendants with Windows Phone 8 devices that are intended to streamline on-board purchasing. It's part of a broader effort to improve the customer experience by investing in technology, Delta says.

"Delta's 19,000 in-flight professionals are there for the safety and comfort of our customers, and equipping them with innovative solutions means they can better meet our customers' needs on board every flight," said Joanne Smith , senior vice president – In-Flight Service. "This is yet another way we're investing in technology to improve the customer experience."

The Windows Phone 8 device that each of the 19,000 flight attendants received is a Nokia Lumia 820. With the device in hand, Delta can offer near real-time credit card processing for on-board purchases, issue eReceipts that can be emailed to customers, and a few other benefits. Sometime in the near future, Delta plans to be able to read coupons displayed on a customer's mobile device.

It's a joint solution developed by Microsoft, Avanade, and AT&T that was based on feedback from flight attendants. The agreement includes plans to expand the offering over the next three years to newer Nokia devices.

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