Dell's Studio 15 Notebooks Get a Brighter, Snazzier Special Edition

Maximum PC Staff

Earlier this week Dell introduced a special edition of their 15.4-inch Studio notebook, aptly named the Studio 15 Special Edition . This dolled up version of the regular laptop will feature a backlit keyboard, as well as a “Black Vapor” external color scheme.

When the limited edition machine goes on sale there will be three different versions available, depending on what level of hardware one orders. They’ll all sport a dual core 2.0GHz Intel CPU and integrated 4500MHD graphics processing to power the 1440x900 screen (a notable upgrade from the standard 1280x800).

As far as pricing goes, the Special Edition Studio 15 will start at $799 and cost as much as $949. The regular edition will remain at the low end of the spectrum, starting at only $599.

Image Credit: Dell

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