Dell's Mini 10 Gets the WiMAX Treatment

Ryan Whitwam

Both WiMAX and LTE are vying to be the successor to the current 3G mobile data standards. The first 4G LTE networks are going up around the world, but in the US they have yet to roll out. What we do see stateside is WiMAX 4G service beginning to crop up. Taking note of that, Dell has decided to offer a WiMAX option on the new version of the Mini 10.

The netbook has all the usual Wi-Fi 802.11 connectivity including the N standard. But that standard card can be replaced with a combo 802.11n/WiMAX card. This will give the system access to either Sprint 4G or Clearwire mobile broadband. The upgrade adds $60 to the price of the computer. If you want a new Mini 10 with all that 4G goodness, you can order now, but it won’t ship until early March.

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