Dell's "CloudEdge" Data Server to Become Available for Smaller Enterprise

Paul Lilly

In a move sure to make Dell's investors happy, the OEM said it plans to siphon off a portion of its custom servers designed by its Data Center Solutions division for large Web entities like Facebook and, and sell them to large enterprises who perhaps don't need thousands of servers every year.

"What we've found is, there are a whole bunch of other customers who want access to those designs but who are not buying in those types of quantities," said Andy Rhodes, a director with Dell's DCS group. "So the big thing we're solving now, and we'll talk more publicly about over the next couple of months, is how to provide more of that capability to many, many more customers."

Some of those custom servers will eventually be turned into standardized products ready to be sold to comparatively smaller firms, as well as smaller Internet companies. According to reports, these will be included under a new brand called CloudEdge.

"The markets we're looking at are people building public clouds, but one tier below what we've been focusing on," said Barton George, cloud evangelist for Dell.

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