Dell 5K Monitor Hands-On [Updated]

Gordon Ung

Just bought a 4K panel? Well guess what, it's obsolete already.

Yes, Dell's new UP2715K packs in an astounding 5120x2880 pixels into a 27-inch Crystal Clear panel. That's roughly 14.7 megapixels, versus the measly 8.3 megapixels of your 4K panel. Yes, 70 percent more pixels. Can you even run this over DisplayPort? Of course not. To push this many pixels, you need to use not one, but two DisplayPort 1.2 ports. For this demo, Dell had the monitor running off of a Quadro K5000 card.  And I misspoke. The video being shown here was actually a 5K resolution H.265 video, but it showed considerable compression artifacts from being upsampled. Price? Unknown, but you know it won't be cheap. Availability? By the end of this year, so maybe you'll get it under the tree if you're a good nerd. Bad nerds, as we know, get stuck with low-res TN panels and a lump of coal.

Update: Dell didn't know the price this morning, but according to a press release from the company this afternoon, the monitor will cost $2,499.99 . Whew, we thought it might actually cost $2,500, but that's much cheaper. All snark aside, the price is lower than expected, as 32-inch 4K panels came in at $3,500 last summer. Also not revealed to us is the type of technology used in the panel. As this is not cheap, and a commercial monitor for medical, scientific, and gas exploration (and bad-ass PC enthusiasts) uses, it's not likely to be a TN panel. Other specs we just dug out of our reporters notebook: 218 pixels per square inch, and color depth of 1 billion colors. Oh, and it has a miniDisplayPort which can be used to operate in a 4K mode.

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