Dell's 10-Inch Tablet Sports a Physical Keyboard

Paul Lilly

At this year's Intel Develop Forum (IDF), Dell had on display an upcoming 10-inch tablet different from all the other designs we've seen thus far. Unlike other upcoming tablets, Dell's model comes with a physical keyboard hidden underneath the screen.

You can think of it as a sort of convertible/hybrid netbook, because that's really what it is. Users can open up the clamshell device, swivel the screen around, and use an actual keyboard. This design addresses one of the main concerns with the iPad, which is that it's difficult to actually be productive using only a virtual keyboard.

"There are times that you have to do work. Tablets are great for entertainment, but they aren't exactly conducive to productivity," a Dell rep said right before he revealed the keyboard to onlookers.

There's a dual-core Atom processor packed inside and it runs Windows 7. Other than that, Dell didn't reveal any other specs and features, but did say the device would ship by the end of this year.

Image Credit: James Martin/CNet

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