Dell XPS 18 Review



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The industry needs to create a interchangeable Mobile Video card Standard that can be used in All in ones & laptops. I'm tired of laptops that become paperweights after just 3yrs because the Video Card can't handle things anymore.



The complaint about not having an hdmi port can be midigated by a simple USB to HDMI aadapter or you could use the usb 3.0 docking station from targus which has HDMI, DVI and ethernet. As for GPU power I'd like to see AMD release an APU model. Theres always the external GPU adapters but I havent seen anthing mainstream pop-up for external GPUs... ASUS had one but I dont think it came to fruition.


Ghost XFX

Sounds good. But can you upgrade the processor in these or what? The one thing stopping me from going with a tablet for public use, GPU and lack of Proc power...

I'd like to see a separate portable GPU for these things. Plug and play type of stand alone. Shouldn't be too difficult to do something like this. And it's not like it has to be a 7870 or GTX 560. If it was a 4000 series type of GPU, that would be good enough for just about anything portable.



It is not designed to be modular, no. I think with a Haswell/Iris Pro refresh, it could be awesome though. Because then you'll have more capable graphics and improved battery life.