Dell Solves Mystery of Smelly Latitude E6430u Laptops, Absolves Your Cat



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This is to be expected when people keep buying Chinese made Junk. Just image all the other toxic things you are exposed to that you can't smell. It's sad that we no longer have a choice & are forced to buy all our Tech Stuff from the Country with ZERO Environmental or Safety Laws.



So is dell going to offer a replacement program for the stinky laptops? I mean I would want at least a refund, because now it is known issue, there is no way I would keep using it. I would definitely want it fixed or replaced.


Ghost XFX

...That may just fix their decline sales. Let's wait and see.



My college text books tend to smell like that.



I had a similar experience with an old GeForce MX440 a long time ago. It didn't smell when I took it out of the box and assembled my computer, but after running it for a couple weeks, I noticed my room started smelling funny after a little gaming.

I was genuinely puzzled and when I opened my case, I found it was the card doing that. No dead insects or anything, the card just literally stank.



I saw the headline for the story and the picture, and thought it was an extremely early/late April fools joke. After I read the article I couldn't stop laughing. You guys really do find the best articles out there sometimes, LOL!