Dell Mulling Entry Into Wearable Computing Market



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It would only be a niche market if it had already reached the point of affordability and sufficient capability but still remained popular with only a small segment of the population. Wearable computing isn't powerful or cheap enough yet to have gotten a chance to go mainstream yet. We don't yet know if wearable computing will end up being a niche market or whether it will be the next revolution like smartphones where it just takes over the populace with celerity. I'm guessing that Google Glasses (or something similar) will eventually go mainstream and become ubiquitous; however, I'm not saying that it will be a good thing; on the contrary, I agree with those who have predicted that products like Google Glass will usher in a whole new level of privacy erosion.



Given Dell problems with laptops bursting into flames, not sure I would pick them, or the expression "liar liar pants on fire" might have a different meaning. I tried an IBM demo of wearable computing. In 1999 or 2000. This will be better and cheaper - but it is still awful late - at this point, I think it is a niche market.