Dell XPS 18 All-In-One is Also a Tablet

Paul Lilly

Dell's XPS 18 falls into the 'portable all-in-one' category.

It used to be that touch support was a unique characteristic of all-in-one systems, but with Windows 8 encouraging PC makers to embrace touchscreen panels on all their systems, it no longer stands out. Not by itself, anyway. Dell found a new way to stand out from the crowd with its XPS 18 , a portable all-in-one system that doubles as a gigantic tablet. It has an 18.4-inch Full HD 1080p (1920x1080) capacitive touchscreen display that, when folded down, is a slate that's twice as large as Apple's iPad.

The XPS 18 isn't the first portable AIO , and it probably won't be the last , but it is one of the lightest so far, as well as fairly well spec'd. It weighs a mere 4.85 pounds, a bit heavy for a tablet but incredibly light for an AIO. Let's also not forget it's 18.4 inches.

An Intel Pentium 2117U processor comes standard, though it scales up to a 3rd generation Core i7 processor (Ivy Bridge). Other features include 4GB of DDR3L SODIMM memory (8GB optional), 32GB mSATA solid state drive (SSD) paired with a 320GB or 500GB hard drive (256GB and 512GB SSD options also available), Intel HD 4000 graphics, two USB 3.0 ports, a single USB 2.0 port, headphone/microphone combo jack, Qualcomm 1202 Killer Wireless card, 720p webcam, multi-memory card reader, and Windows 8 64-bit (Home or Professional).

"As many of you expect with a new member of the XPS family, we augment the hardware with some pretty slick design. It features an aluminum back with soft grip for traction and comfort. Overall craftsmanship and flexibility were two key focuses for our design team," Dell explains in a blog post . "You can use it in a number of ways: on an adjustable powered stand so it can be used with a wireless keyboard and mouse, on a desk or surface with flip-out feet so it can be set to a comfortable viewing angle, totally flat for collaborating or browsing, or even like a newspaper for reading."

The XPS 18 will be available to purchase next month starting at $900

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