Dell XPS 14 & XPS 15 Photos and Specifications Leaked

Maximum PC Staff

The Dell XPS line has always done a decent job of offering above average mobile performance for a fair price, however the current generation is growing a bit long in the tooth. Dell fans on the hunt for a new 14” or 15” notebook haven’t had many options, but a set of l eaked photos and specifications have emerged for the XPS 14 and XPS 15.

As you no doubt managed to guess the model refresh brings with it a new set of Ivy Bridge options, along with a hybrid 500GB HDD paired with a 32GB SSD, 8GB of Ram, and an Nvidia GT 630M GPU with 1GB of memory.

The display options will range from 1600x900 on the XPS 14, to full 1080p on the 15. Engadget reports that both screens will feature Cornings Gorilla Glass, however the 1080p panel on the XPS 15 looks slightly sharper.

Both models will offer USB 3, along with DisplayPort & HDMI, and are expected to hit the street sometime before the end of June.

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