Dell: Windows 7 Price could be a Problem

Paul Lilly

Fast, stable (so far), and nearing release, it seems everyone is looking forward to Windows 7, Microsoft's upcoming operating system that looks to be superior to Vista in almost every way. But there's one area in which Vista has the upper hand, and it could prove to be an important one, Dell says.

"If there's one thing that may influence adoption, make things slower, or cause customers to pause, it's that generally the ASPs (average selling price) of the operating systems are higher than they were for Vista and XP," Darrel Ward, director of product management for Dell's business client product group, said in a phone interview with CNet.

Ward was referring to the multiple flavors of Windows 7 that are sure to appear, and in light of the tough economic times, he said it's "naive" for Microsoft increase its prices on average and still see higher sales.

"I can tell you that the licensing tiers at retail are more expensive than they were for Vista," Ward added.

Ward did note that the momentum behind Windows 7 is noticeably bigger than it was with Vista, and save for a few hiccups, driver readiness looks "pretty healthy." But will it be enough to justify higher price points?

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