Dell: We're Carbon Neutral


Last September, Dell became the first major computer maker to announce plans to go carbon neutral, saying it would do so by the end of 2008. That gives the OEM five more months to reach its self imposed deadline, but now the company is saying it has already achieved its goal.

"We're driving 'green' into every aspect of our global business," said CEO Michael Dell in a statement. "This includes setting new standards for energy efficiency and green power, delivering environmental and cost savings for customers, and aligning key growth priorities with our focus on preserving our shared Earth."

In the quest to become carbon neutral, Dell has been working with Conservation International to protect nearly 600,000 acres of tropical forestland in Madagascar that might otherwise have been destroyed, allowing the OEM to claim a half-million ton of carbon emissions savings over the next five years. Another big boost came from reducing indirect emissions from facilities energy use. Dell has upgraded light fixtures at its Texas campus, updated heating and cooling systems around the world, and installed occupancy sensors for light. By doing these things, Dell says it was able to reduce its annual carbon dioxide footprint by 20,000 tons.

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