Dell Wasn't Too Impressed by Vista


With friends like Dell: “When you consider that Vista was a bust,” said Dell's president for large enterprise Stephen Schuckenbrock , “Windows 7 is a capability upgrade on a scale that has really never been seen before."

Vista a bust? Yeah, well, I suppose so. But why wait until the day before it’s upgrade appears to say so? Some of those very Vista users are where they are because of a recommendation they received from Dell. Besides a knife in the back of its customers, it sort of undermines Dell’s future sales pitches, doesn’t it

And Schuckenbrock’s comment seems faint praise for Windows 7. Windows 7: it looks great when you compare it to Vista--which sucked! On that basis so to does XP, or Linux, or OS 9.

Interesting comment from a company that sees Microsoft’s new operating system as a pick-me up for their stagnant computer sales.

Image Credit: menno-indian/flickr

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