Dell Wants to Make it Easier for Businesses to Convert to Windows 7

Maximum PC Staff

For individual users the decision to upgrade to Windows 7 is straightforward--there’s only a PC or two to deal with, and our time is our time. For businesses, however, the decision is a bit more complex. It’s not just having to update multiple machines, it’s having to update the entire information technology infrastructure as well--which can be a costly proposition. And as their time is money it is not a decision to be lightly made.

Dell is working to make the process of business migration to Windows 7. Dell has launched a service that walks businesses through the decision of whether to upgrade, and to make the upgrade process “worry-free.” One part of Dell’s support is a FAQ that walks business owners through the big questions about Windows 7: What hardware is required? Will my software still work under Windows 7? Are there drivers for my peripherals? Dell also helps business owners decide which of the three Windows 7 editions: Home Premium, Professional or Ultimate, will be suit their needs. There’s also advice on the hardware needed to upgrade from XP or Vista.

Windows 7 won’t be officially released until October 22, but Dell is currently taking pre-orders for businesses on its Latitude laptops, OptiPlex desktops, and Precision workstations with Windows 7 installed.

Image Credit: Dell Computers

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