Dell Unleashes Latitude XT's Multi-Touch Functionality with Firmware Update


The moment Dell Latitude XT owners had all been waiting for has finally arrived. Dell has released a firmware update for the tablet PC that unlocks its multi-touch capabilities . Although multi-touch is supposed to be the USP of this machine, it took Dell more than 6 months to activate the functionality.

The company began shipping the XT tablet sans any multi-touch in December, 2007 but with an assurance that the feature would be added at a later time. It is very strange how some websites are highlighting the fact that the update is free. They shouldn’t forget that Dell hasn’t done a terrific job justifying XT’s exorbitant price – prime example of thickly veiled language – and the unavailability of the tablet’s purported forte for 6 months after launch implies that the company owes a favor or two to XT owners.

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