Dell Trying to Trademark 'Cloud Computing'


PC World reports that Dell is trying to trademark the term ‘cloud computing’, which is usually used to describe a type of computing where IT-related capabilities are provided as a service. Basically an application runs somewhere on the ‘cloud’ and you use it as a service. Skype, or peer-to-peer services should come to mind. SETI or Folding@ Home are other examples.

Dell’s application has made it to the Notice of Allowance phase where they receive a written notification that a mark has survived the opposition period and that other parties have had a chance to object to the application. This is just another step along the way to getting the trademark. Dell doesn’t quite have it yet.

I am truly surprised that the big corporations that have been working with cloud computing models haven’t said anything to Dell’s application. Red Hat, Microsoft, Google, and many other players have had interests in cloud computing.

Perhaps we will someday have to come up with a new name for cloud computing, or have to mention Dell and Cloud Computing™ together.

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