Dell to Launch More Atom Based Netbooks for Businesses at CES?

Maximum PC Staff

If you’re on the market for a new business ready Dell netbook than you might want to hold out just a bit longer. Rumor has it that Dell plans to launch a follow up to the Latitude 2110 at this years CES which will be very similar in design to its predecessor, but sport the N550 dual core Atom processor instead of the single core N470, along with a Broadcom Crystal HD video accelerator. The Broadcom isn’t as capable as ION, but its significantly less expensive to implement and has support for flash 10.1.

On the pricing front we haven’t heard anything official, but since the Latitude 2110 starts at around $650, you should expect the 2120 to carry a slight premium over this. More details will follow in the coming weeks with our comprehensive CES coverage.

With Dell putting more resources behind Atom based PC’s in business, do you see it catching on over the more expensive CULV option?

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