Dell Testing ARM-based Servers

Pulkit Chandna

At a recent event organized to promote new servers from Dell, the company’s eponymous founder and CEO Michael Dell described the world’s third largest PC vendor as an end- to-end IT solutions provider, even going as far as saying “we’re not a PC company.” Actually, Dell’s focus on the enterprise market has a strong arithmetical basis, with the consumer market being many times smaller than the multi-trillion dollar enterprise market. Not only is Round Road, Texas-based Dell in pursuit of a greater share of the enterprise IT market, but it wants to leave no stone unturned along the way.

For instance, it has now emerged that the company has been experimenting with ARM-based servers for quite sometime . This was recently confirmed by none other than the general manager for Dell’s server solutions group, Forrest Norrod, who is reported to have told Forbes: “We’ve had ARM systems in our lab for over a year.”

“If that’s what our customers demand that’s what we’ll offer,” Norrod told Forbes at an event on Monday. “Our management is independent of the processor powering the server. If we wanted to incorporate ARM into our server lineup,  to any management  tool it just looks like a PowerEdge server.”

Even though he credited ARM for “some interesting advancements around power density,” he doesn’t expect ARM to take the server world by storm anytime soon, at least not until the first 64-bit ARM processors hit the market.

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