Dell Solves Mystery of Smelly Latitude E6430u Laptops, Absolves Your Cat

Paul Lilly

Little Whiskers isn't the reason why your laptop may have smelled like cat urine

Well here's a problem you don't run into every day. A thread on Dell's support forum gained a bit of traction after a user complained that his brand new Latitude E6430u was giving off a foul scent. The poster said it smelled as though "it was assembled near a tomcat's litter box," calling it "truly awful." Other users chimed in with similar complaints, and one person suspected his cat might have been relieving itself on his laptop during the night. Following an investigation, Dell said cats are not to blame.

According to Dell , the smell was related to a manufacturing process that has now been changed. Furthermore, Dell stressed that the smell was in no way related to biological contamination and was not a health hazard. Plus, anyone who orders an E6430u now will not have the issue.

Credit has to be given to both Latitude E6430u owners and "SteveB," the Senior Technical Consultant who kept users up to date on the issue in the support forum. Both sides kept the situation mostly light and humorous, though at the same time, SteveB ensured that this was "being treated as a top priority."

Those who own an affected model are encouraged to contact Dell's technical support, and if necessary, apologize to Whiskers for falsely accusing him of using your laptop as a litterbox.

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