Dell Rids UK Web Store of Ubuntu PCs


'It's not us, it's you,' is the general message coming from Dell regarding the OEMs decision to dropkick Ubuntu from its online store in the UK. The company will, however, continue to sell its open-source PCs over the phone.

"A number of our current consumer and SMB systems are available with Ubuntu, including a number of our Inspiron and Vostro laptops and desktops, the popular Inspiron Mini 10 netbook and the Studio XPS 7100 desktop," a Dell spokesperson told

"We’ve recently made an effort to simplify our offerings online, by focusing on our most popular bundles and configuration options, based on customer feedback for reduced complexity and a simple, easy purchase experience. We’re also making some changes to our Ubuntu pages, and as a result, they are currently available through our phone-based sales only."

Consider this a break and not a breakup, as Dell insists the move is "not a permanent decision." How long Dell plans on shelving Ubuntu PCs from its online lineup remains to be seen.

"The reason why they're not on our main pages is because Ubuntu systems are primarily targeted towards advanced users and enthusiasts, and the vast majority of consumers purchase PCs with Microsoft Windows pre-installed," the spokesperson added.

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