Dell Releases New S Series Monitors With Edge-To-Edge Glass for Eyefinity and Surround Setups

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Dell has always been among the best when it comes to quality monitors at a reasonable price, and it appears as though they are looking to carry on the tradition with five brand new S Series models . The new display’s range from 27-inches with edge-to-edge glass, all the way down 21.5-inch panels for those on the hunt for the best price. Each one is capable of 1080p, but as one would expect, connectivity and quality varies considerably based on the price.

The two highest end display’s are the 27-inch S2740L for $399, and the 24-inch S2440L for a more reasonable $299. Both display’s feature adjustable bases, and that amazing edge-to-edge glass we mentioned in the title that is a must have feature for anyone thinking of an Eyefinity or Nvidia surround setup for gaming. Both pannel’s sport HDMI and VGA ports, however oddly, only the 27-inch monitor adds DVI. HDMI to DVI adapters are inexpensive enough, but it’s still an odd choice.

The three lower end models range from 23-inch to 21.5-inch, and while the bezels are smaller, they simply don’t compare to the edge-to-edge glass featured on the higher end models. Starting at just $199 however, its still amazing how much LCD one can get for so little cash these days.

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