Dell Pulling Back on CES Presence

Ryan Whitwam

Dell has been going all out at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) the last few years, but this time it’s going to be playing it much more cool. In fact, it will be ditching most of the heavy-hitting demos that have been the company’s signature. This might be an indication that Dell is looking to tighten its belt as sales continue to slump.

Dell usually rents out an entire floor of the Palms Casino Resort  in Vegas to set up a massive showroom for press and attendees. So that’s out this coming January, but Dell will also be backing off on large meetings and may just borrow time in a partner's keynote as their only announcement slot.

It might not be all doom and gloom, though. Some in the industry simply think that big events at CES are a waste of resources. So many companies are vying for attention that it’s easy to be drowned out when you’re just making PCs.

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