Dell Posts Teaser Video of Upcoming XPS 15z Ultra-thin Laptop

Paul Lilly

Dell created a bit of a void when the OEM discontinued its Adamo line, and filling that void is the XPS 15z ultra-thin notebook. Or at least it will once it ships. When will that be? It's "coming soon," as Dell CEO Micheal Dell coyly posted on his Twitter account . He also attached a teaser video just for good measure, giving us an additional glimpse to go along with those leaked photos that surfaced earlier this month.

"You pleaded for power, you insisted on intuitive, you thirsted for thin" the video begins. "Never expected it from a PC? Now you can. Less mass, more appeal. You can tell it's Dell."

Unfortunately, that's about all you can tell from the video, or is it? Moving frame by frame, we took inventory of exactly what's revealed, which isn't much, but it appears the XPS 15z sports at least two USB 3.0 ports, as well as what looks like a slot-load optical drive. Common sense tells us it will have Sandy Bridge inside, but other than that, we'll have to wait until Dell's ready to reveal a bit more than what's shown in the video.

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