Dell Plans To Be Ready on Windows 8 Launch Day With Enterprise Tablets

Maximum PC Staff

Microsoft is rolling a hard six with their tablet strategy in Windows 8, and while it might be a hard sale with iPad crazy consumers, at least in the Enterprise they have a fighting chance. Dell knows this, and plans to be ready to go with tablet offerings for businesses on Windows 8 launch day . The information came from a Bloomberg interview conducted last week in which CEO Michael Dell praised the new Microsoft OS, and claims demand will be strong for a “secure Windows tablet that works with all Windows applications”.

Given that he put extra emphasis on “application compatibility”, that leads us to believe x86 based slates will be first out of the gate, however its possible ARM will be available as an option as well. In a separate interview Bloomberg was also able to confirm that Dell would continue to develop and release tablets and smartphones based on Android, but is pinning most of their tablet hopes on Windows 8.

That’s probably a sound strategy considering that being the “industry leader” when it comes to Android tablets is still a lousy place to be these days.

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