Dell May Rebrand Alienware M11x Gaming Laptop, Alienware Ultrabook Possible, Too

Paul Lilly

Fans of the Alienware M11x gaming laptop were essentially told to go pound sand when Dell announced Ivy Bridge upgrades to its 2012 Alienware notebook range, which didn't include the 11.6-inch notebook. Dell apparently decided to pull the plug on the M11x, a system we liked so much that we awarded it a 9/10 verdict back in 2010. But is it really the end of the road for the M11x?  A tipster who spoke with Dell tells us otherwise.

A Maximum PC reader forwarded us a set of emails in which he discusses with Dell the M11x's demise and his disappointment with that decision. During the exchange, a member from Dell's Corporate Escalation Team offered to discuss the situation with our tipster, but only over the phone.

"I know this is NO solid confirmation of anything but I just hung up with a guy from Dell that informed me that the Alienware M11x will not be completely discontinued but that it will be rebranded within Dell's current product portfolio, maybe XPS or Inspiron," our tipster tells us.

In addition, he claims he was told that the "current Ultrabook trend would lead Dell to release an Alienware Ultrabook" sometime later this year. He told us this before yesterday's revelation that the XPS 13 Ultrabook is exceeding Dell's sales expectations by nearly three times.

We reached out to Dell for comment but have yet to hear back about a rebranded M11x or Alienware Ultrabook.

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