Dell Kills the Adamo, but its Spirit Will Live on in Future Products

Justin Kerr

The Dell Adamo was the closest thing the PC world had to a Macbook Air competitor, but after almost two years of lackluster sales, the company has finally announced it is officially retiring the Adamo brand in favor of a not yet announced replacement. Two years ago when the Adamo first hit the market, the ultra-portable landscape was very different place. Netbooks were only just starting to catch on, and the original Macbook Air was way more under-powered and over-priced than it is today.

According to Eweek the spirit behind the original Adamo brand will live on with new super-thin laptops coming down the pipe, but will fall under existing branding such as the Inspiron, XPS, etc. The elimination of the Adamo brand comes on the heels of a November announcement which saw the downsizing of the department responsible for the ultra-portable’s creation, a team lead by former Dell executive Ron Garriques. This was a team put together by Dell to help re-invent their consumer offerings, an effort that also saw to the creation of the Dell Streak.

While it is sad to see the Adamo die off, I think we can all agree we would much rather see more affordable ultra-portable options sooner, rather than later.

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