Dell Inspiron 910 (Mini Note) Specs Leaked, Rumored Release on August 22


Weighing in at a mere 2.20lbs, hailing from the house of Dell, please welcome the Dell Inspiron 910 (Mini Note) – the supposed Eee Pc killer. The Inspiron 910 specs have fallen into the safe hands of our buddies at Gizmodo, who claim to have covertly accessed the 910 web documentation .

The Dell 910 Mini Note will feature an 8.9” WLED screen, a 1.6GHz single core Intel Atom processor, up to 1GB memory, maximum of 16GB Flash SSD storage, three USB 2.0 ports, WLAN and mini card support for Bluetooth. As for the OS, it will either boot Ubuntu 8.0.4 or Windows Xp. From the looks of it, the netbook will be powered by a 4-cell battery as there is no mention of a 6-cell battery. The tech blog further suggests that the netbook might end up on store shelves as early as August 22nd.

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