Dell Goes to Court to Cancel Psion's Netbook Trademark

Paul Lilly

Little known Psion Teklogix, who used to sell a pair of laptops called the netBook and netBook Pro, emerged from the shadows last December to demand that websites stop using the term 'netbook.' According to the company's trademark attorney, now is the time to cash in on what has become an exploding new market sector all this netbook talk could damage Psion's trademark registrations.

Ready for the irony? Dell has filed a petition with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office asking that it cancel Psion's netbook trademark. This coming from the same company who tried ( unsuccessfully ) to trademark the term Cloud computing. Nevertheless, the situation isn't the same, and Dell's first basis for cancellation is that "Psion has abandoned the 'netbook' mark" by no longer offering laptops under the trademark.

The three-basis petition also included an argument for fraud, saying Psion had not been using the netbook trademark as of November 17, 2006, despite signing a sworn declaration that it was, and genericness, pointing out that the widespread use of the term netbook has made it generic.

Read the full petition here (PDF) , then hit the jump and tell us what you think.

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