Dell Fixing Defective Alienware M11x Hinges Regardless of Warranty

Pulkit Chandna

Dell’s Alienware M11x netbook debuted with a bang at CES 2010, generating a lot of buzz for its bang-for-buck gaming prowess. It hit the market soon after and has seen two updates to its hardware since then. The original M11x and the subsequent R2 update were both let down by their faulty hinges, a problem that took Dell until the release of M11x R3 to rectify. But what about those M11x R1/R2 owners who only experienced the problem after the expiry of the warranty period? Well, we have some good news for you direct from the horse’s mouth.

In a blog post published last week , Dell announced a new initiative to fix “broken hinges on any Alienware M11x system for any R1 or R2 customer worldwide regardless of warranty status.” This particular fix, described as being “final” in the blog post, involves the replacement of the netbook’s LCD panel, which not only includes the hinge assembly but wireless components a well.

“As many of you know, we’ve already started repairing laptops with broken hinges.  For those who have still been waiting, we’re hoping to get you fixed up quickly,” wrote Dell’s John Blain. “The reality is that many Alienware M11x customers never have any problems with their hinges. For Alienware M11x customers who have had problems, we now have a fix in place.”

“This fix is not meant to be pre-emptive. Please don’t contact us if your hinge assembly is working correctly. Like I mentioned before, most R1 or R2 Alienware M11x customers never experience any problems. Down the road, if you do, we will support you.”

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