Dell Downgrades Adamo 13, Slashes Price

Paul Lilly

Dell's slim and sexy Adamo laptop is now selling for $799 on the OEM's website. That's $200 less than before, and cheaper than even Apple's 11-inch MacBook Air models. We bring up the MacBook Air because Dell clearly took aim at Apple's ultraportable when it launched the Adamo back in 2009.

The price isn't the only thing that's lower on the current Adamo. Dell's decided to downgrade the processor from an Intel Core 2 Duo SL9500 (2.1GHz) to the SU9400 (1.4GHz), and cut the RAM from 4GB of DDR3-800 to 2GB of DDR3-800. Otherwise everything else looks the same. We're okay with that for people who want to pay less, but it doesn't appear Dell is offering any upgrade options -- boo, hiss!

Image Credit: Dell

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