Dell Ditching BlackBerrys, Handing Out WP7 and Android Phones

Ryan Whitwam

The hits just keep on coming for RIM as Dell has apparently decided to encourage their employees to use phones the company actually makes. The Wall Street Journal reports that about 25,000 Dell employees will be moved to devices like the Windows Phone 7 equipped Venue Pro , and various Android handsets. Like most business decisions, this isn't just about keeping up appearances. The move will let Dell eliminate their Blackberry servers, saving about 25% in mobile costs.

Dell is in talks with T-Mobile to purchase phone plans in bulk for employees. The Dell Venue Pro runs on T-Mobile's AWS 3G band. RIM for their part is not amused, calling the change an attempt to get "Free publicity". RIM would contend we have cunningly fallen into their trap. A RIM spokes person went on to say he expects Dell to lose money in upkeep costs.

You can't blame Dell for looking to use their own products now that they actually have some. Companies without mobile products might not be so quick to leave, but the market is shifting. Could this be just the start of enterprise finally ditching RIM?

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