Dell Discontinues XPS 14 Laptop

Paul Lilly

It's still winter, but that hasn't stopped Dell from a little bit of spring cleaning as it reshuffles its notebook line. Earlier in the month, Dell axed its Adamo notebook , the OEM's answer to Apple's MacBook Air. Now it's the company's four month old XPS 14's turn to sit on the chopping block, even though Dell maintains it was selling well.

A quick trip to Dell's webiste shows the XPS 14 is no longer in stock, and according to Engadget , one of the site's friends at Dell confirmed that it's gone for good. It's an odd move for such a young laptop that, according to Dell, exceeded sales expectations, but here's the reason why:

"With the transition to Sandy Bridge technology, we chose to re-focus our efforts on incorporating this feedback into future thin and light products launching later this year. Stay tuned!," Dell said.

In other words, it looks like Dell is trying to merge the Adamo's thin profile with the XPS branding once the whole Sandy Bridge situation settles down.

Image Credit: Dell

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